Can I own a machine gun or silencer, I thought they were illegal?

Under Federal Law, the ownership of machine guns and silencers are legal and regulated through the National Firearms Act (NFA). State and Local laws are what one needs to research to see whether or not ownership is further regulated or banned. Here in Virginia, ownership is legal with the caveat the machine guns require state registration as well using the form SP-115.

How can I legally transfer an NFA / Class III firearm?

You fill submit to the ATF the following:

  • Completed ATF Form-4

  • Certificate of Compliance

  • Fingerprints

  • Photos

  • Payment of $5 or $200 Transfer Tax

Can I make a machine gun or convert my pistol / rifle to fire full-auto?

Unless you are a U.S. Government Agency or a law enforcement entity acting in official capacity, manufacture is strictly prohibited by law and subject to forfeiture of the item, $250,000 fine, 10 years in prison and no chance of ever owning a firearm. If you are department or agency, it is suggested that you simply purchase a new manufacture weapon.

I am in the military / police officer, why can’t I purchase the inexpensive machine guns and why do I have to go through the same paperwork as a civilian?

In the eyes of the BATFE there is no difference between a civilian and those serving in the military or in a law enforcement capacity. The inexpensive non-transferable machine guns can only be sold to t a Law Enforcement or the Military agency through an official purchase. Subsequently, the department may issue the machine gun to you for duty use. If you seek the machine gun for personal use, you will have to buy a transferable and go through all the background checks.

Why do some machine guns cost a few thousand and the same guns also sell for tens of thousands (i.e. new Colt M16 = $1200, used M16-A2 = $18,500)?

All machine guns are not made equal in that anything manufactured prior to May 19, 1986 is known as “transferable” and can be sold to anyone eligible to purchase the firearm. Any machinegun manufactured after May 19, 1986 is “restricted” to military, law enforcement or dealer samples. Transferable machine guns are expensive due to the fact that there is a finite supply and high demand driving up the prices. Historically, those who have invested in machine guns have consistently out performed the stock market with regards to return on their investment.

If I want to buy a Class III or NFA firearm, how long does the entire process take?

By statute, the ATF can take up to 90 days to complete the transfer. The total time it takes can vary depending on many factors including the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) signoff. As a general rule, we suggest customers plan on 5 months which is a worst case scenario and assumes one full month for us to transfer the said item into our inventory and another full month for the CLEO signoff.

Can I come visit your facility and see some of those machineguns, silencers and other cool stuff?

We operate out of facility that is not open to the public except for official purposes. If you are an NFA enthusiast or bona fide customer, we will gladly make an appointment to handle your transfer at our Herndon, Virginia location.